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Virtual Stretch & Flow Class

Prepare your body, mind and soul for the journey of birth and into motherhood. In these prenatal classes, you will build strength, trust, flexibility in your body as well as relaxation techniques, breathing techniques to take with you into the birthing room and motherhood. You will also connect with other pregnant mothers and build that sense of community and belonging during this beautiful journey that you are on. Though prenatal exercise classes are relatively safe, please consult with your birth provider to make sure prenatal yoga is for you. Classes held virtually.

Virtual Stretch & Flow

Stretch and Flow Class for everyone! This is a flowing yoga class suitable to all levels. We will build strength, flexibility and mind/body connection.

Health Coaching

Work with Autumn as your health coach! You will work on specific lifestyle, diet and herbal choices suited to your specific needs to help bring more balance and health back into your life.

Birth Classes: Birth Classes
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