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Can I afford a Doula? 5 ways to help you afford a Doula.

You've heard the benefits of Doulas from your friends, social network and health providers. You know the statistics that having a Doula with you before, during and after your birth has a positive impact on your birth story and can greatly reduce the risks of complications during birth. You are sold! You want a Doula present during your birthing journey! Now you are questioning if you can afford a Doula, or how you are going to pay for a Doula. Good news! There are lots of wonderful resources out there and tips to help you receive Doula care!

Here a 5 ways to afford a Doula -

  1. Payment Plans - reach out to a few Doulas that you are interested in working with and see what their payment options are. Some may have payment plans available, making it more accessible and affordable for you!

  2. Ask for a Doula as a gift from your family and friends! If this is something that you want, put it at the top of your baby registry list! Many family and friends will be more than happy to chip in and make having a doula a reality! Also, many Doula's offer gift certificates for others to purchase and gift to you! You can also set up a donation fund to help, where people can easily donate to help pay for your Doula service.

  3. Check with your insurance or health share provider! Ask to see if your insurance or health share will pay for or pay for some of your Doula care. You can also use your flex or health spending account if you have one to help pay for Doula care.

  4. Check out your local resources and your birthing facility! Hospitals and birth centers may have volunteer Doulas available. There are also other organizations that help to make doula services more accessible to those who may not be able to easily afford a doula. For example, in the Twin Cities area of MN, Twin Cities Doula Project is an organization making Doula care more accessible, as for Postpartum Support Welcome Baby Care has a program that offers the service of Postpartum Doulas in training to families.

  5. Get creative! Barter, make crafts and sell, sell unwanted things in your house as you make space for baby!

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