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What is a Birth Doula?

The word Doula originates from the Greek word, meaning "mother servant"

Today, you can find Doulas meaning a non-medical support person, who will provide the mother and birthing family with emotional, physical and evidence based information during the birth journey. They work with you to make your birth a positive experience, offering non-judgmental care.

So let's take a look at what specifically a Birth Doula's role is,

A birth doula a trained professional who supports the mother and father/partner, by providing emotional support, physical support, sibling support (if applicable) and non-judgmental information during the birthing journey. They do not provide medical advice or care, but do work together with the birthing families birth team, to help make the birth a positive experience!

Some ways that the Birth Doula may support the mother and family during birth are as follows, - Help with creating a birth plan and guidance on specific questions to ask health care providers before the birth. - Help with assisting the mother in different positions to promote comfort in labor. - Reassurance and encouragement for the mother and the father/partner (if present) regarding specific sensations the mother may be feeling during labor. - Reminders and guidance on specific relaxation techniques and coping measure that the mother and doula discussed prior to birth to help get through labor. - Guiding the father/partner during birth and taking over as needed to allow the partner time to rest and refuel as needed.

-Help support and care for siblings and pets if present - Much, much more!

Contact with any questions or clarification regarding the role of a birth doula and if a birth doula is right for you!

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